"Aimée is a bardess of our time. To me she is a storyteller teleported from centuries ago utilizing song to reach into the soul and enliven us and keep up remembering that many of the old ways are worth passing along into the future generations." 

-Alexandra "Ahlay" Blakely (https://www.healingattheroots.com)

Song-leading is the craft of forming “instant choirs" using easily learnable and singable songs - rounds, chants, part songs, etc. It's informed by countless aural traditions worldwide and across time. I have been studying and teaching actively as a community song-leader since 2009. My work as a song-leader has been significanly guided and enriched by the friendship and company of beloved elder song-leader Laurence Cole.  Over the past 15 years, I've been blessed to travel, share and collaborate as a song-leader all over the country - most notably at Singing Alive Cascadia (also Appalachia and Kauai), Village Fire, Eselen Institute, the Oregon Country Fair, the Spiritweavers Gathering, and many other song and skills gatherings that recognize group singing as a precious tool for community evolution and healing. I'm blessed to be a part of an ever-growing family of leaders around the world. 

“To sing with Aimeé Ringle is to be the recipient of many gifts. Her voice is extraordinary, resonant, effortless. It has the unique ability to reach deeply into the soul and to bring profound healing and release. Her musicality is exceptional, and she brings participants along on a quest for all the delicious details in each song that she shares. Aimeé invites participants to listen deeply and create beauty together with great specificity and tenderness. To add, she is an exceptional storyteller.  Aimeé brings a detailed history and context to the music adding such depth and richness to the experience. To sit in a song circle with Aimee is to be invited into the mystical, the magical, the humorous and joyful.She is a master teacher, sonic healer and joy bringer and I would sing with her any day, anywhere!”

Maggie Wheeler (Co-Founder and Leader of the Golden Bridge Choir)