Greetings, Gentle Reader and welcome to my website! I am honored that you've taken the time to visit.  I am a singer, a multi-instrumental musician, song carrier, song writer, song-leader, storyteller, ceremonial musician, officiant of weddings, and Extemporaneous Sayer of Things. Refer to the Press Kit here or from the Menu list if you are looking for my short bio, promotional photos, etc. 

Also, in case no one has encouraged you today, please feel empowered to step away from this here screen to move your body, drink some water, breathe in the world outside, engage with a nearby human or pet, and generally greet your Living World Life that no online experience can account for. Thanks for taking some of your time to visit my web page! I look forward to connecting with you in real time! 

“Aimee Ringle brings wisdom, depth, hilarity, and irresistible invitation to everything she does.  Her songs are little gems that glow with virtuosity and insight.  Her voice is honey and cayenne.  And her song leading opens the way for any group to leap into ecstatic song.  She is a treasure.” 
-Barbara McAfee (Voice Coach/Trainer, Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Songleader)