Celest Fest Eclipse Apr 5-9, 2024

 — (CDT, UTC-05) — (CDT, UTC-05)

Camp Tahuaya | Belton, TX

Let’s connect during earth's magnificent event, coined The Great American Eclipse on 4/8/2024. Celest Fest Eclipse is directly in the path of totality with 4 mins viewing time, when darkness falls, and the stars come out.

We are co-creating a village with you. We'll gather in small groups to connect, create music together, dance together, eat together, grieve together, support each other, and begin to heal together. ‍ We are addressing the questions: How do we find a path out of this "business as usual" system? How do we learn to live & work together, coming from very different backgrounds?

Please know that you will be cared for, invited in, and lovingly welcomed at Celest Fest.